1-900-MS-Minaj Song Lyrics

Young Big Mike
Dirty Money
And The New Problem in the Game
She Go By the Name of ‘Nicki Minaj’
As Ms.Minaj if ya Nasty (ta-ta)
This Shit Right here
Is the Motherfuckin’ Mixtape
“Playtime is Over”
Find ya one, I don’t Co-sign No Bullshit
No More Talk, lets Get it Poppin’!
[Phone Rings]
Yes Sir! Young Big Mike
Nicki Minaj!
Lets get into Another Brand new Joint
This Shit Right Here is Called ‘1-900’!
Nicki Minaj, Dirty Money!
[Nicki Moans]
Shout Out to Fendi, Gravy!
Shout Out to the Whole Young Money!
Weezy, What’s Poppin’

[Nicki Moans]
Uha, That tickles
You’ve Reached…
Nicki Minaj…
and umm…
Uha I Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now ‘Cause…
I’m Sitting on your Favorite Rapper’s Face
[Nicki Giggles]
[Nicki Moans]
As Soon as I Get up…
Uha, I’ll Call you back